According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, humans aren’t the only ones that can benefit from acupuncture. Acupuncture is great for pets as well. Fine needles are inserted into your pet’s skin at the right acupuncture points for pain relief and other benefits. Let’s check out a few reasons to consider veterinary acupuncture.

The Reasons

1. Pain relief – Acupuncture helps your pet deal with all sorts of pain. If your pet has chronic pain from ongoing diseases, veterinary acupuncture can provide a lot of relief and make your pet calmer. Acupuncture is also advantageous in cases where regular methods fail.

For instance, if your pet suffers from kidney or liver problems and can’t be prescribed any medication for the pain, acupuncture fills the gap. As a pet owner, you may be worried that the acupuncture process is more painful than the relief it provides. However, similar to acupuncture for humans, veterinary acupuncture doesn’t cause any pain.

2. Helps with muscle problems – Whether it’s due to illness, birth defects, or old age, pets may suffer from atrophy or muscle weakness. Acupuncture treatments can help to alleviate such problems. It stimulates the muscles and helps them grow denser and stronger.

Pets who suffer from regular muscle spasms can also benefit from it. Bring up the prospect of acupuncture to your vet if your pet has health problems related to its muscles. With acupuncture, your pet may not just feel better, but restore some of its mobility as well.

3. Decreases inflammation – If your pet suffers from inflammation-related problems like arthritis, acupuncture is one of the best solutions. As your pet gets older, it will start to lose some of its mobility and may seem in more pain while moving around. Acupuncture treatments help to address some of those problems. This treatment can also help if your pet suffers from inflammatory bowel issues.

4. Helps with nerve damage – If your pet has been through a trauma or has birth defects that made it more prone to nerve damage, acupuncture is a possible solution. Acupuncture treatments help to stimulate damaged nerves and nudge your body to heal nerve pathways. While nerve damage may not be healable at all times, many pets were able to improve their nerve issues immensely from acupuncture

5. Relief from asthma and nausea – Pets with asthma or other chronic respiratory problems may get some relief from acupuncture. This especially holds true for cats since asthma is more common in feline species. Your pet can also benefit from acupuncture if it suffers from nausea. If your pet has a bowel disease, cancer, or other such health problems that cause nausea, acupuncture may help improve its eating habits, mood, and reduce vomiting.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you consider veterinary acupuncture for your dog or cat. It can help to alleviate their pain, provide relief from nausea, and even decrease inflammation in certain cases. Find a reputable clinic that offers this service and do your research before taking your pet to a facility.

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